Steel structures (carbon and stainless steels)

Our company manufactures welded steel structures to order at our site. We do not work with thin plate technology, the lower limit for plates is 8 mm. Our workshop halls are equipped with 5-tonne trolleys and can produce up to a maximum height of 6 m (workshop length 20 m).
Trucks are loaded with diesel forklifts.
We have CNC flame cutters, CNC plasma cutters, sawing machines and profile shears for cutting the incoming materials. The slides of the flame cutting and plasma cutting machines can accommodate sheets up to 2.0 x 6.0 m and 120 mm thick.
The steel structures are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (materials inventory, traceability, quality control). Standard carbon steel and stainless steel materials are used.
Welding is the main activity of our company.
Our certificates are EN 1090-1, DIN EN ISO 3834-2. Welding work is supervised by a welding engineer, we have certified welders, process inspections. In addition to the 500A welding machines with cooled grip (10), we have 1 ESAB automatic welding machine with protective powder, used mainly for the production of tubes. In addition to visual inspection, the welds are checked by non-destructive testing according to the specifications.
The production of chips for welded structures is carried out with 3 conventional lathes, 2 milling machines and 1 CNC lathe.
We have 2 radial and 4 column drilling machines for drilling holes. Welded products are machined by UNION BFT drilling and milling machines.
Finished products are surface treated in a free-jet shot blasting shop (4x4x8 m), where steel surfaces are cleaned with steel shot and the required surface roughness is achieved. In our paint shop of the same area, the priming is mainly done. We can also supply parts galvanised and finished painted by subcontracting partners.

Machine list

Title Type Main parameters
CNC Flame Cutter Statosec 2,0 x 5,5 m
CNC plasma cutter
Multitherm. 3100
2,0 x 6,0 m
Band saw
Workline 510.350 GH
0º  Ø350 mm
45º Ø350 mm
60º Ø250 mm
Universal high-speed cutter
GEKA minicrop
Cutting Lv=13 mm
80x80x8  Ø30, □ 30
Pressing Ø18 mm
Traditional lathe MVE 280 M Ø560 x 2000 mm
Traditional lathe GH660 x 2000 Ø660 x 2000 mm
Traditional lathe EE 630-01 Ø630 x 2000 mm
Traditional lathe E 400 Ø400 x 1500 mm
Traditional lathe BFT 125/ III. Ø 800 x 2000 x 2500 mm
Traditional milling machine UF 221 1000 x 500 x 500 mm
Traditional milling machine TOS 950 x 300 x 420 mm
Drilling machine RFT 50/ 1600 Ø50, Table: 1600×1600 mm
Drilling machine RD 1600/50 Ø50, Table: 1600×1600 mm
Horizontal boring-milling center Union BFT 125/5 Ø1270 x 1600 x 1650 mm
Tube benders General 2”
Hydraulic plate bender AH 25/16 LV 20 x 2500 mm
Shotblasting chamber SYSTEM 7 4 x 4 x 8 m
Painting – and drying chamber STEALTM 4 x 4 x 8 m
Automatic welding machine ESAB CAB 300 S with 5 tonnes of rotating equipment
Hydraulic press Hesse    HWP 120 t
CNC lathe TCS 2000L Ø520×600 mm
Hydraulic plate bender Akyapak AHS 25/10 max. thickness 13 mm, length 2600 mm
Hydraulic plate shears MGH 3110 Cutting capacity 10 mm, length 3060 mm
CNC 4-axis edge bending machine Baykal APHS 31240-4-DA69T 240 tonnes, 3 m length